WordPress to Laravel

WordPress to Laravel

A better WordPress alternative.

On paper, it's a better system. Hands down. That isn't the argument, I wish it was more simple than this.

In the end, some people like to have full control, which will inevitably mean tons of plugins and bulky theme systems. However, for the user who doesn't care so much about that, and is much keener on a clean & fast simple setup, the choice is half made.

Can WordPress be upgraded to Laravel?

Just to be clear, there is no easy path to do this. You can't just swap in a WordPress database into a Laravel file system.

An upgrade will effectually mean a brand new website using the existing website's content & media.

Although you could try to convert the theme into an HTML base to be reused, it's also an opportunity to update the look and feel. Both of those mentioned options are time-consuming, so it's not for the budget-conscious.

When is it time to upgrade from WordPress to Laravel?

In the end, I can't be as subjective as I would like to be about this question, because I don't think it's for everyone.

Get in touch if you want a conversation about this - because I can't tell you for sure without knowing what state your website is in, or how much control you need all your plugins.

It’s time to upgrade when you want to deal with a less frustrating and time-consuming means of updating your website content. Laravel allows us to tailor a very intuitive solution that is straightforward and easy to use.

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